City Planners Reverse Some But Not All!


City Planning Department Reverses Some- But Not All!

Councilwoman Zapf In Her Attempt To Win Re-Election Forgot A few things- Like Our 30ft Height Limit!

Pedestrian Bridge, 4 Lanes on Morena Blvd, Revision of the TODEP- BUT NO PROTECTION OF THE 30FT LIMIT

By James LaMattery
Community Activist
Raise The Balloon Committee

In a letter sent to Councilwoman Zapf, dated today, September, 17, 2018, the City Planning Department Director, Mike Hansen, stated the Planners have now reversed their opposition to some, but not all, of the community’s input. Most notably absent was protection of the 30ft Height Limit in the Clairemont portion of the Morena Specific Plan.

In an attempt to win her re-election bid in November, Zapf is now touting the letter as a “Victory for the Community.”

Unfortunately, Councilmember Zapf has remained silent on the issue of returning Land Use and Zoning back to the Ad Hoc Subcommittee where it belongs, and has left the door wide open for the Planning Department to continue its bid for busting the 30 ft Height Limit. 

I applaud Zapf for directing the City Staff to include the Pedestrian Bridge, 4-lanes on Morena Blvd, and revision of the Transit Oriented Development Enhancement Program from the Linda Vista Portion of the Morena Specific Plan.  If she were to exercise the same influence to protect the 30 ft Height Limit in the Clairemont portion of the Plan, I would consider voting for her.

But herein lies the rub. Zapf already promised to protect the limit and has broken that promise by removing the subcommittee’s recommendations from the draft Plan.  Need proof? Pay special attention to the second paragraph of Director’s letter:

“Based on your request, the following changes will be made to the Draft Morena Corridor Specific Plan.  These Changes will not affect the proposed land use designations, zones or densities.” 

For those of you who don’t understand the phrase, it is the Planning Department’s proposal to bust the 30ft Height Limit and Zoning (Density) that will not change. That means all areas in blue on the map above.

Fool me once, shame on me. Please don’t be fooled again by Zapf’s re-election reversal or claims to represent her community cloud the real issue.  If she wants to represent us, she needs to direct Mike Hansen to return Land Use and Zoning back to the Ad Hoc Subcommittee so that we can make our formal recommendation to the larger CCPG and settle Height and Density once and for all.

This action is what the community needs from Zapf and it would ensure that height and density will be included in the Clairemont portion of the MSP due to be sent to the City Council for Approval.

James & RTB Committee

James LaMattery


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