Property Tax Fairness Initiative

Get Involved With the Property Tax Fairness Initiative

Hopefully by now you’re aware of the historic effort C.A.R. is spearheading to qualify a ballot initiative for the November 2018 ballot. Known as the Property Tax Fairness Initiative, this measure would allow homeowners 55 years of age or older to transfer their Prop. 13 tax base to a home of any price, anywhere in the state, any number of times, These protections also would be extended to people who are disabled and those who have lost their homes to a natural disaster. It’s a carefully written initiative that includes appropriate safeguards while eliminating California’s property tax “moving penalty.”

In order to qualify the initiative for the ballot, C.A.R. must collect approximately one million signatures from California registered voters. Petitions were mailed to each C.A.R. member in early January, urging them to sign the petition and to obtain four additional signatures of registered voters within the same county, and mail it back to C.A.R.

C.A.R. needs your help to get this important initiative on the ballot. If you haven’t already signed and returned your petition, please do so. Additionally, please contact your local association of REALTORS® about any upcoming events that your local association may be hosting regarding this initiative.

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