4 Things You Should Know About Me!

After a catch-up conversation with Chris O’Connell, Publisher of the Clairemont Times, I was shocked to hear that Chris was unaware of a few things about me.  I thought, if Chris was unaware, I’d better let everyone in on the truth!  Chris started the conversation with, I hope you are enjoying the good life in La Jolla.” 

So here goes with the 4 things:

  • ONE: My wife and I now live in La Jolla Colony, which is located in UTC,  not La Jolla!  It is an investment condo we purchased years ago.  We sold our home on Fairfield Street in 2016 to John and Laqucia Rice when neighbors in front of our property built-up and blocked our view.  We hope to move back to Bay Park, this time with a sit-down view! 
  • TWO: Good life?  I wish!  We won’t retire for at least 10 more years! (Do real estate agents ever retire?)
  • THREE:  What keeps me in the fight protecting the 30ft height limit?  I will soon be moving back to the neighborhood. But beyond that motivation, I don’t want to see happen to San Diego what happened to Los Angeles. Over-density can change the character of our neighborhoods in ways that cannot be undone.  When SANDAG unveiled its Comprehensive Regional Plan in 2008, I knew more residents needed to weigh-in on what the County thought was best for them. 
  • FOUR: Am I too busy with RTB to sell homes?  Absolutely not! Up until 2013, I was a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Broker, selling and financing  homes.  Now, I sell homes exclusively under my own moniker, James LaMattery Realtors.  RTB is an integral part of relationship building with the community.  If residents can trust that I have their best interests at heart, that I’ll actually fight for them to retain the value and character of their neighborhoods, then they can trust me to sell their homes or find great ones for their friends and family when they want to become a part of the area we all know and love.

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